Geely is a China-based car manufacturer. Geely was founded in 1986 and started life as a refrigerator-maker. In 1994 they started manufacturing motorcycles, then small and in 2001 got approval to begin make automobiles.

Geely plans on selling their cars in the United States, but as of this writing this has yet to take place.

Geely acquired Volvo from Ford in 2010 and plans to invest a total of 10.5 billion in the once sinking car maker.


Although Geely has made in-roads in other countries, already shipping 1,500 Geely EC7 sedans for the Cuban government. With an additional 1,560 EC7 and Geely CK models on the way.

As everyone knows the Chinese have remained at the forefront by producing inexpensive products and Geely car‘s, their answer to the Tata Nano, are no exception.

Geely plans to introduce its Geely IG concept vehicle. Price at around $3,700 it will be one of the less expensive cars in the world. They plan to launch the car 2012, expanding their market share into as many countries as possible, including India. The Geely IG concept shown at Beijing auto show came the gull wing doors.

The car will be 7 inches longer with a wheelbase 4 inches longer than the Toyota IQ. The Geely IG is a 4 seater with very limited rear space. Unlike the Nano which can actually hold 4 adults in semi-comfort.

The Chinese version of the car will be powered by a 988cc gas engine, developing 70bhp and 69lb ft. Nearly identical to the smart fortwo, but with a much better five-speed CVT transmission.


Geely’s developing a totally electric version of the car that’s anticipated to be launched in late 2014. The electric version will feature Lithium ion batteries and a 80 hp motor. The car will be able to do 93 miles a charge with backing from solar panels on its roof, bonnet and dash.

Geely electric cars are hybrid vehicles that can be charged from main power and have great potential to alleviate the demand for base-load power from the grid system.

Their Geely McCar EV concept car is a sub-compact model can accommodate four people plus one three-wheeled, fold-able electric scooter, which can come in very handy in China’s busy urban traffic. It is a two door four-sitter car that is ultra-compact. The scooter that is located at the back of the vehicle has three wheels and can be folded.

It can also generate its own electricity with the movement of the car where the electric scooter can be charged while it is at the back of the car’s trunk. the scooter is powered by an electric motor for an all-electric range. You can also swap the three-wheel scooter to fit a folding wheelchair.

When the Geely IG come to market you can bet it will be minus gull wing doors.