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We look forward to helping the forwarding thinking clever car buyer find news and reviews on this much ignored new class of personal transportation. The mini-micro car is a combination of the mini and the micro car a new class of city vehicle!

Anyone who lives in a big city already knows that parking is at a minimum. Parking a big car on the street usually involves getting very fancy with parking simply because parallel parking is the only way to get a car into those small spots. The only other way to get your car around the city is with city cars, such as the Fiat 500, the Mini Cooper, the Smart fortwo and even the Toyota Scion IQ.

These are great little cars that are able to maneuver within the city limits much easier than some of those huge sedans and SUVs are driving around town. The problem is that manufacturers aren’t spending the time marketing these subcompacts in the USA. They were designed for the European market and we just happen to get access to them if the dealership has them in stock.

Car manufacturers need to give the car dealerships some incentives to keep them on the lot, to start with. This way anyone who is shopping for city cars can easily see the benefit. When you stand next to a subcompact car like the Fiat 500, it may not look like much, but when you get in, it’s when you see that they are just as luxurious as the big ones – just more condense.

All of the car companies are missing their mark. People see these cars as tiny and inefficient, but they are life savers within the confines of a big city. They just need to spend more marketing dollars showing people exactly why they make great city cars.

The Fiat 500 paid millions of dollars to have Jennifer Lopez dance around a commercial but it never really showed how it could work in the big cities like Manhattan and Chicago.

The prices aren’t cheap on some of these little cars, like the Mini Cooper. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy of their price sticker. They just need to give drivers a little push to go that route. After all, parking on the street is a lot cheaper than the parking garages. One year of that and the difference between a subcompact car such as the Fiat, Mini or Smart Fortwo and a regular sedan are outmatched.

People need to see what they could save with the subcompact cars and that’s where the car manufacturers are missing out. People know of them but they don’t know about them. Getting them into the market and proving to people that these are the city cars that people need to be driving is the only way to really get noticed.

If they actually get into the car lots to be test driven, we’ll all see a lot more of these popping up on the curbs of every major city in the US…